Saturday, 1 March 2014

Social Media & Digital Specialist ( 3 months Contract )

We are a young fast-growing startup in the e-commerce space.
We provide a platform for Users to start their own professional looking online store within minutes. 
We currently have 2000 online stores and growing.
Check out

Social Media & Digital Specialist ( 3 months Contract ) 1000 SGD to 2000 SGD per month

We are looking for young, enthusiastic, fresh graduate to be part of our team.

-You Will:
  1. Work with Founder to develop and execute eMarketing programs for communities.
  2. Engage Users and ensure present and past users activities are high.
  3. Plan and develop content ,photos and videos, event coverage, editing and publishing for Social Media.
  4. Manage Social Media platforms and communities – join, contribute and lead discussions to garner interest in forums.
  5. Maintain web related updates and ensure online information are up-to-date, accurate and timely published.
  6. Develop campaigns to drive awareness to increase fans on Facebook and website visitors.

You Have :
  1. Just graduated with a Diploma/Degree
  2. Lots of time now and want to kill some time by making some dough
  3. A unique way of convincing people.
  4. Pink or Blue Singapore IC
  5. Created a FaceBook Page, Mailchimp and SurveyMonkey account before
  6. Used Google analytics before.
  7. Created multiple Usernames and have split personality in forums before.
  8. Somewhat know how to do minor web design or have created simple logos 

Fresh Poly Graduates are welcome to apply. If you are the above,

Please write a short note about how awesome you are and how you think you can bring the awesomeness to

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Singaporeans one of the most active online mobile shoppers in the world.

Recent article in the straits times has found that 48 per cent of Singaporeans use their smart phones for online shopping. The global average is 25 per cent. This makes Singaporeans one of the most active online mobile shoppers in the world.

XiaoBazaar is designed to be mobile friendly, the moment you create your store,  it's automatically rendered to mobile friendly format. This means your shoppers would be able to shop with ease and need not to expand or resize or click on multiple steps before they can purchase your products from your online store.

Click on the link for the Straits Times Article
News Straits Times article on online mobile shopping

Why not start your own online store for free today?

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Have you seen a Staple-Less Stapler ?

1 X Harinacs Staple-less Staplers directly from Japan to be WON!

Login now to your XiaoBazaar Online Store and upload 3 products or more to sell ! and Stand a chance to WIN a Staple-Less Staple from Japan, Voted the most innovative invention in 2011 !
(Yes, this stapler doesn't need staples.)

In the past couple of months, we have spent a great effort to design our new User Interface; it is sleek, simple and most importantly intuitive and we hope you like it! So , why not upload some products to sell by trying our new UI?

Starting date is  27th July 2013
Closing date is 15th August 2013 !
Winner will be notified by email after 15th August 2013!

Thanks for your support all these while! We will keep advocating entrepreneurship too!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Growing Your First 500k Users

Recently, I have the honour to meet with Jon YoonFook, who has had the experience of growing user base from 0 to 500 thousand in about a year when he was running an e-commerce company in Japan!

He has enlightened me with great ideas and his insights into growing users can be summarized to the slides below ( authored by himself )

Click here to read his slides

From 0 to 500k

If I were to take one advice from him, it is to keep blogging about your products and services , write about how your products / services can help your customers and what is trending. Basically , write things that interest your customers!

In his words, it is not so much of SEO , but truly the reason to blog is to drive traffic to your online store , and a good post will definitely have your fans re-tweet and share to more of their friends... and guess what, the XiaoBazaar store that you have signed up, has a blog feature to it as well :)

Have an awesome week ahead guys! and Thanks Jon for your wonderful insights!

Darren Lim

Saturday, 30 March 2013

XiaoBazaar is featured on ParinSead blog

We had the honor to meet Parin Mehta, google business development manager of South East Asia and of course, an entrepreneur himself of (who prepared and helped people to achieve their dream jobs)

Thanks to him, XiaoBazaar is featured as a guest post on his popular blog !

This was the post !

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Darren and Andy from Xiaobazaar via my friend and mentor Virginia Cha. Do check out their excellent service to help anyone create an online shop in minutes.


Told by Darren:

I remembered my first tutor at university once said that the fastest way to learn is to copy someones homework. I met Andy while studying computer science at NUS during one particular plagiarising session.

Fast forward 12 years later and we decided to do something as we were bored with our jobs. One of our friends wanted an e-commerce store and we built one. It took us 2 months and we had multiple unnecessary discussions and did a lot of redundant work. 

So I threw Andy a challenge. "Do you think we can we automate this process?"  

His initial answer was negative but after a few of his toilet sessions (where all his ideas in the world come from) he said "Yes". XiaoBazaar was born with the firm belief that by providing a free online DIY platform anyone could build their own unique online store.

The start was far from smooth. We launched it without a single sign up in the first 2 months. Door to door hard sales in Bugis, Suntec City, Far East Plaza did not bring any leads. We started posting in forums and we began to see sign ups at last.  We could not sleep that night.

Now we have close to 500 beautiful online stores with owners based in Singapore and beyond (UK, US, Canada, HK , Switzerland, Slovenia, Malaysia, India) To catch a glimpse of what our platform allows entrepreneurs to do, please take a look through the links below...

Our challenge now is to let people know about XiaoBazaar with the message that one doesn't need to spend a few thousand dollars and wait a few months to have their own online store. We have a beautiful product but not everyone knows it yet. Xiaobazaar is easy to use, requires no programming, and is free. We hope this post inspires you to go and try to execute on any ideas you have. As a wise man once said:

"If you think you are too small to make an impact, try going to sleep with a mosquito" ;)

You can check out his blog @

Saturday, 24 November 2012

UX/UI Designer (We are Hiring)

I drag myself to go work in the morning, squeezing with the MRT crowd every day. I do the same monotonous chore again and again, but I am just wondering what could be out there? I have much passion for design and aesthetic and I constantly question myself, do I have any say in my designing work?  Am I reaching my full potential? Is my work impacting people’s life?

Join us as we are seeking an esteemed and passionate UI/UX designer. Your every design decision and coding will have an impact on making the world a better place (by saving user precious time and of course making them happier through great user experience)  
We are XiaoBazaar, a startup that is backed up by prominent investors and organizations. We value innovation and creativity and we have come out with a superb product that allows people to create their own e-store almost instantly (with more secret sauce to come).

If you have :-

·         Strong visual aesthetic, good typography and design skills. Focused on the design details as much as the user experience

·         Strong knowledge of W3C web standards and accessibility - Solid understanding of cross-browser/platform consistency and compatibility
·     Familiarity with Web 2.0 technologies and multi touch user interface

·      Proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite CS5

·         Experience with creating UIs from business requirements. (Desirable)

·      Overview knowledge in C#/ASP.NET development (Desirable) 

We will offer you :-

·    6 months contract (Convertible to perm and with option to have equity of the company) (2k to 4.5k per month depending on experience )
·    Work in an exciting startup environment ,operating a company from your laptop
·    Great learning opportunities to understand the consumer market and opportunity to
     network with crème de la crème of the industry
·    Freedom to work from home or office with flexible work schedules. You choose.

 If you are fire up and passionate when it comes to design, we want to understand your work history (CV) and to admire your portfolio, so please email your CV and masterpiece to

Only Singaporean/SPR need to apply. Thanks very much and have an awesome day!