Thursday, 19 July 2012

Login with Facebook

As of April 2012, Facebook has 900 millions active users. Allowing your customer to login with Facebook account to your store will definitely increase the sign up rate and customer experience.

XiaoBazaar knows the importance of integration between social network and your store, hence today we introduce another great feature to your own store, Login with Facebook.

Login with Facebook allow your customer to sign up as your store member with their Facebook account. Customer profile will be rendered from Facebook account and it save the hassle to key it them during the normal registration process.

You could configure Login with Facebook function in Admin > Setup > External Authentication Methods. Once configure, you will see a login button on top of your store panel.

Check it out at our demo store Demo Store.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

It's even easier to create a new online store on XiaoBazaar, by using your smartphones!

Couple of days ago we've enhanced to be mobile friendly and easy to access with your smartphones, today we would like to show you another new function added, create a new online store using your smartphone.

Enter your store name, email and password, and click 'Create' button. Within few seconds, your own online store is ready and you could start selling instantly. 

It's easier, simpler and free!

Check it out using your smartphones, at

Sunday, 15 July 2012

New Mobile View for Homepage

To ease your experience when browsing using your smartphone, we have enhance our homepage to deliver a content and layout which fit into your phone screen size, and easily access to various content like our FeaturesPricingDemo Store and About Us.

Visit now @ , you will be redirect to mobile view when using your smartphone.