Saturday, 24 November 2012

UX/UI Designer (We are Hiring)

I drag myself to go work in the morning, squeezing with the MRT crowd every day. I do the same monotonous chore again and again, but I am just wondering what could be out there? I have much passion for design and aesthetic and I constantly question myself, do I have any say in my designing work?  Am I reaching my full potential? Is my work impacting people’s life?

Join us as we are seeking an esteemed and passionate UI/UX designer. Your every design decision and coding will have an impact on making the world a better place (by saving user precious time and of course making them happier through great user experience)  
We are XiaoBazaar, a startup that is backed up by prominent investors and organizations. We value innovation and creativity and we have come out with a superb product that allows people to create their own e-store almost instantly (with more secret sauce to come).

If you have :-

·         Strong visual aesthetic, good typography and design skills. Focused on the design details as much as the user experience

·         Strong knowledge of W3C web standards and accessibility - Solid understanding of cross-browser/platform consistency and compatibility
·     Familiarity with Web 2.0 technologies and multi touch user interface

·      Proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite CS5

·         Experience with creating UIs from business requirements. (Desirable)

·      Overview knowledge in C#/ASP.NET development (Desirable) 

We will offer you :-

·    6 months contract (Convertible to perm and with option to have equity of the company) (2k to 4.5k per month depending on experience )
·    Work in an exciting startup environment ,operating a company from your laptop
·    Great learning opportunities to understand the consumer market and opportunity to
     network with crème de la crème of the industry
·    Freedom to work from home or office with flexible work schedules. You choose.

 If you are fire up and passionate when it comes to design, we want to understand your work history (CV) and to admire your portfolio, so please email your CV and masterpiece to

Only Singaporean/SPR need to apply. Thanks very much and have an awesome day! 

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Interesting survey result by PayPal Singapore.

- Smarter, Savvier Singaporeans plan to do HALF of all their holiday shopping online this year!
-They will shop online 15 times this festive season
- Save s whopping 45 hours of your time through online shopping!