Saturday, 30 March 2013

XiaoBazaar is featured on ParinSead blog

We had the honor to meet Parin Mehta, google business development manager of South East Asia and of course, an entrepreneur himself of (who prepared and helped people to achieve their dream jobs)

Thanks to him, XiaoBazaar is featured as a guest post on his popular blog !

This was the post !

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Darren and Andy from Xiaobazaar via my friend and mentor Virginia Cha. Do check out their excellent service to help anyone create an online shop in minutes.


Told by Darren:

I remembered my first tutor at university once said that the fastest way to learn is to copy someones homework. I met Andy while studying computer science at NUS during one particular plagiarising session.

Fast forward 12 years later and we decided to do something as we were bored with our jobs. One of our friends wanted an e-commerce store and we built one. It took us 2 months and we had multiple unnecessary discussions and did a lot of redundant work. 

So I threw Andy a challenge. "Do you think we can we automate this process?"  

His initial answer was negative but after a few of his toilet sessions (where all his ideas in the world come from) he said "Yes". XiaoBazaar was born with the firm belief that by providing a free online DIY platform anyone could build their own unique online store.

The start was far from smooth. We launched it without a single sign up in the first 2 months. Door to door hard sales in Bugis, Suntec City, Far East Plaza did not bring any leads. We started posting in forums and we began to see sign ups at last.  We could not sleep that night.

Now we have close to 500 beautiful online stores with owners based in Singapore and beyond (UK, US, Canada, HK , Switzerland, Slovenia, Malaysia, India) To catch a glimpse of what our platform allows entrepreneurs to do, please take a look through the links below...

Our challenge now is to let people know about XiaoBazaar with the message that one doesn't need to spend a few thousand dollars and wait a few months to have their own online store. We have a beautiful product but not everyone knows it yet. Xiaobazaar is easy to use, requires no programming, and is free. We hope this post inspires you to go and try to execute on any ideas you have. As a wise man once said:

"If you think you are too small to make an impact, try going to sleep with a mosquito" ;)

You can check out his blog @

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