Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Growing Your First 500k Users

Recently, I have the honour to meet with Jon YoonFook, who has had the experience of growing user base from 0 to 500 thousand in about a year when he was running an e-commerce company in Japan!

He has enlightened me with great ideas and his insights into growing users can be summarized to the slides below ( authored by himself )

Click here to read his slides

From 0 to 500k

If I were to take one advice from him, it is to keep blogging about your products and services , write about how your products / services can help your customers and what is trending. Basically , write things that interest your customers!

In his words, it is not so much of SEO , but truly the reason to blog is to drive traffic to your online store , and a good post will definitely have your fans re-tweet and share to more of their friends... and guess what, the XiaoBazaar store that you have signed up, has a blog feature to it as well :)

Have an awesome week ahead guys! and Thanks Jon for your wonderful insights!

Darren Lim